Business Guide

Companey Name
ALife Roboics Corporaton Ltd.
Masanori Sugisaka
Head Quater
4-Gou, 6-Ban, Hgashi 2-Chome, Handadai, Oita, Japan, Postal Code 870-1108
TEL: 097-597-7760, +81-97-597-7760(overseas)
FAX: 097-597-7760, +81-97-597-7760(overseas)Mobile Phone: 080-8565-8256, Mobile Phone: +81-80-8565-8256(overseas)
Apil 18, 2008
Number of Empoyees
4(presently, May 2016)(Inside is part-time, 2 people include.)
CEO Masanori Sugisaka
Correspondent Bank
Oita Bank, Handa Branch, Branch Number 084, Account Number 5154589

Objective of Business

  • 1. Development of electric control device and detection device
  • 2. Development of computer and IT device
  • 3.Development of industrial and consumer use robots
  • 4. Development of artificial life robot
  • 5. Implementation of International Conference on Artificial Life and Robotics(ICAROB) and publication of International Journal “Robotics, Networking and Artificial Life”
  • 6. Development of welfare equipment and care apparatus 
  • 7. All incidental associated duties to previous items